Discard Studies is Back!

In the last 5 years, I’ve gone from working as a research technician in a toxicology lab, to conducting ethnographic research about waste, to doing more cross-disciplinary work with CLEAR and throughout my PhD. During all this time, Discard Studies has been an incredible resource for keeping up-to-date on the latest theory, texts, and conferences in the field. Its also helped my transition across disciplines and introduced me (virtually or otherwise!) to a community of researchers, journalists and activists interested in waste and pollution. I’m incredibly grateful for the blog and the tremendous work that’s been put into it by long-term editor Dr. Max Liboiron and founder Dr. Robin Nagle.


On September 1st, Discard Studies officially went live with the latest iteration of the blog (check out the opening post, here!). Some changes to the site include a new public interface, a Twitter account (!), and a new post series called The Dirt (featuring latest texts, journals, calls for proposals, and research positions in the field). In addition to this, I’m super excited to be joining the Discard Studies editorial team, along with Dr. Josh Lepawsky. I’m also incredibly appreciative that as a graduate student, this work will be a paid position. This is rarely the case for graduate student editor positions, which tend to perpetuate a culture unpaid labour for junior and precarious scholars.

Some previous Discard Studies posts that I’ve written, include:


Repair and maintenance are a part of how systems of value are built and maintained. Photo taken on 2 March 2002. From Wikimedia Commons.

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